Audrey & Cody: Engagement Session- Turner, OR

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     Audrey & Cody

We couldn't be more excited for these two! Audrey and Cody have known each other since grade school and and have decided the time has come to tie the knot! We shot their engagement photos on their gorgeous property near Turner, OR where the warm sunset glow gave us the perfect backdrop. We love it when clients bring things that are meaningful to them to use in their photos, and these two did just that. Audrey chose props that beautifully represented her Irish heritage and they got their sweet dog involved as well. By the end of the evening this shoot left us wondering, "Is there is anything more romantic than golden hour?"

We greatly enjoyed our time with Audrey and Cody and cannot wait for their wedding next spring at Green Villa Barn in Independence, OR!

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Engagement Sessions

Congratulations, you're engaged!

   Now that you're engaged, you are likely busy sharing the exciting news with family and friends, posting ring shots on social media, and enjoying using the term "fiancé" in casual conversation. After doing all these fun things it's time for the real work to begin!  From picking out a date, to choosing a cake flavor, there are so many things to plan for. One big decision is hiring your photographer. While you may just be thinking about photography for the wedding day itself, documenting your brief time as an engaged couple is also important to consider when looking at your options.

At Focal Point Studios we include a complimentary engagement session with all of our wedding bookings.

Here Are the Top Three Reasons Why:

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1. We Want to Get to Know you!

We build a personal connection with each of our clients BEFORE the wedding day. The day of is one of the most personal and important days of your life, but it is also bound to be crammed full of events that leave little time to get to know each other. Doing an engagement session with you ahead of time allows us to get familiar with you as individuals and as a couple. Engagement sessions also help you learn more about us and how we work.

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2. Get Comfortable With the Camera

Unless you're a model, you probably haven't spent much time in front of a professional camera. Engagement shoots give you a chance to practice posing and see how we give directions in a low pressure environment. As we get to know you, we are better able bring out the best version of YOU in front of the camera. By the time your wedding arrives you'll already be old pros!

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3. Show Your Personality

Engagement sessions give us a chance to be creative together and really show who you are. These shoots are not as restricted for time as the wedding day. This lets us play around more with poses and locations. We encourage couples to choose a location for their shoot that is meaningful to them in some way. This could be as simple as a location you love the look of, to the place you first met or got engaged. Perhaps there is an activity or hobby you enjoy doing together such as hiking, snowboarding, or playing an instrument? Including things you love helps to make your shoot more fun and unique.

"What if we've already done engagement photos?"

If you've been engaged for awhile or already did engagement photos with another photographer, we still encourage you to do a pre-wedding shoot with us. Each photographer has a different style of working with their clients so the reasons above still apply!

Why wait? Get in touch with us to discuss your wedding and engagement photos!

Want to know more? Click the button below to learn about preparing for your engagement session. 

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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

When you're getting ready for your engagement session, don't forget that this is supposed to be fun!  Many of our couples naturally have questions about what to expect from their engagement shoot and how to prepare. We've collected a few of the most common questions and created some tips to help you feel comfortable and ready.

     What to Wear?

Many couples choose to have two outfits, one casual and one that is more dressy. This can add more variety to your pictures. Another key to looking great in your photos, is to remember to COORDINATE instead of matching. Dresses or clothing with flowing fabric can add great movement. If possible, try to avoid small prints and patterns as these don't always translate well to photos. Also, remember that clothing with lots of writing or logos can be distracting. You may consider adding accessories with bright colors or some statement jewelry. These items can add that finishing touch to your look or be used to tie your outfits together. The most important thing when choosing an outfit is to feel comfortable and like YOU!  If you feel awkward in your outfit, it can show.

     Time & Location

We will work with you to set a time that fits your schedule, but ideally has great lighting. Often this is in the evening before the sun sets. We can help you to pick out the perfect location, or you can make suggestions of your own. We always encourage our couples to think about a place that is meaningful to them. It could be anything from where you had your first date, to a favorite hike. This helps make your shoot unique to you as a couple.

        Be On Time

Once we've set a time together, stick to it! If you're late to your session you may lose time due to a lack of light. While we can work around this with additional lighting, beautiful natural light is ideal. We understand that sometimes things do happen that are beyond your control. If at all possible, try to be on time so you can get the most out of your session and catch that gorgeous sunlight!

  Style & Appearance

The day of your engagement session is the perfect time to do your hair and makeup trial run. Not only do you get to test drive how your look appears in photos, it can also give you that salon-fresh boost of confidence for your session. Whether you choose to have your makeup done by a professional, or do it yourself, remember that slightly heavier eye makeup than you might typically wear can make your eyes POP in photos. Don't forget we will also be taking photos of your ring! Having neat nails and a clean ring can really make these shots shine.

       Using Props

We all see hundreds of those cute engagement photos with props on pinterest, but if you choose to use them, try to limit it to just a few that are personal to you. Too many props can be distracting from the real focus, YOU! Styles always change, so choosing props that mean something to you, or are a part of the wedding, prevents you from looking back on your photos down the road and wondering "What was I thinking!?" You might also consider bringing props that are practical for posing, such as a pretty blanket, umbrella, or cool couch or chair to sit on. We don't mind lugging around furniture for you to get that perfect shot!

   Relax & Have Fun

This tip might just be the most important. Like we said at the beginning, this is supposed to be fun! We don't expect our clients to be professional models coming into the shoot. We'll take the stress out of posing and help you feel confident in what you are doing. So take a deep breath and trust us!





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